Our services include the following types of non-destructive testing:

  • Radiographic - with the use of X-rays and gamma rays
  • ultrasound
  • penetration
  • magnetic particle inspection
  • tests for tightness of LT welded joints
  • visual
  • thickness measurements
  • hardness measurements
  • optical VT Endoscopy
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)

During our tests we use high-quality materials, specialized testing, measurement and control equipment provided by prestigious manufacturers.

In addition, we measure the hardness and ferrite content measure the hardness and ferrite content directly on the level of construction. We also offer ultrasonic thickness measurements ultrasonic thickness measurements of steel structures.

The PMI test allow us to determine the chemical composition of metal products and enables the identification of those products, as well as verification of certificates by means of X-ray fluorescence analysis - XRF

Non-destructive testing is widely used in many sectors of industry for various purposes:

  • Shipbuilding:
    • river barge design,
    • full sections of ships
  • Refinery and petrochemical industry:
    • pipelines,
    • pressure vessels,
    • containers for liquid fuels and gas.
  • Chemical industry:
    • equipment and reactors,
  • Construction industry:
    • steel halls constructions,
    • bridges and viaducts,
    • water and heating pipelines
  • Food industry:
    • refrigeration plants

We will gladly provide you details regarding our services by phone. We would also like you to see the examples of our completed projects.